The team

Tomasz Zielinski

Founder & CEO

Tomasz founded Vestiacom in 2004 after working for 7 years mainly for the telecommunications and banking industries.

A system architecture wizard, Tomasz has been instrumental in the creation - and great success - of several industry-first and state of art solutions ranging from billing to data mining to connectivity.

In 2009 Home Automation became a major field of interest and he soon could master the combination of hardware and software in order to offer unique and purposeful customer experiences.

Tomasz is also a pilot and flies whenever he can.

Marta Zielinska

Co-founder & COO

Marta is the co-founder of Vestiacom and has worked for over 15 years as a software developer.

Marta has worked as a consultant and project manager on numerous international projects, mainly in the telecommunication and the banking industries.

Marta’s user-friendly, customer-centric approach and her gift for simplifying complexity has always made the difference.

A mother of two, Marta is an avid reader and feeds her interest for psychology as often as she can.


QA Lead & Senior Developer

Anna joined Vestiacom in 2010 after completing her degree.

A user front-end development specialist who puts the business logic and the user experience at the very heart of her design process, Anna has proven that it is the right way to go in order to create intuitive applications and the subsequent enthusiasts who use them.

Thanks to her dedication, her reliability and her precise work methodology, Anna has become Vestiacom’s main engineer responsible for Quality Assurance.

An eclectic Japanophile, Anna would love to learn Japanese in order to read her favourite author – Masamune Shirow – in his original language. She might very well find the time, if her two little black rats behave.


QA Engineer

Ernest joined Vestiacom in 2015 as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

Self-confident with a relentless eagerness to learn, he can easily be described as someone who loves his work and strives to be the best he can be.

Programming is one of his hobbies and his ambition is to become a bona fide developer.

Cheerful and open-minded, Ernest is skilled with his hands and as an aficionado of everything mechanical, electric or electronic, he can often be found doing some work on his car.

When he is not spending time with his family, Ernest likes to immerse himself in complex universes where absurdity and dilemmas prevail – no wonder that Catch 22 is his favourite book.


Javascript Developer

Hubert has joined Vestiacom in 2014 as a Javascript Developer.

An experienced Web and Front-End Developer, he does not limit his work to Javascript, but also uses CSS3, HTML5, SVG and as many more as he can master.

Passionate and proud of his work and of what he can achieve on a daily basis, Hubert likes to learn anything he can.

He seems to have a penchant for low-budget horror movies because they apparently make him laugh. Paranormal Activity, anyone?

But please don’t tell him that “Winter is coming” because swimming in the sunshine is what he’d rather be doing in his free time.


Software Developer

Inga has joined Vestiacom in August 2013 as a programmer. This is her first work experience in this field and she considers every passing day as an opportunity to discover and learn, an attitude that only contributes to nurturing her natural talents.

Inga thrives on her varied scope of work and has contributed to many projects, which has very quickly earned her the reputation of being versatile and dependable.

Inga channels her positive energy by putting her hands to creative use – learning sign language or knitting funny little toys are among her favorite pastimes and playing the cello is on her to-do list. And if you ask her nicely, she might even draw you a sheep.


C/C++ Developer

A highly experienced Software Engineer, Janek joined Vestiacom at the beginning of 2016.

Sagacious with a sharp eye for detail, he loves to develop Apps not only as part of his work – but also for pleasure.

Music is one of Janek’s passions – and not only as a listener of rock and fusion jazz tunes; he also plays the guitar and composes whenever he is inspired.

Multitalented and curious, it is no surprise that he loves to lose himself in fantastic universes – the Shadow’s dark and thought-provoking journeys or Mr Fox’s quirky and whimsical adventures – to name a few.


QA Engineer

Julia has been working at Vesticaom as a Quality Assurance Engineer since October 2014.

A “great bug hunter” in her own words, she is fast learner who never wants to stop going forward and getting better every day.

A true people’s person, Julia has also played an important part in organising team building events.

It is not surprising that she is crafty and good with her hands – she is often seen making boxes, notebooks and scrapbooks during her free time. To unwind, she loves to ready Paolo Coelho’s novels or watch classic romantic comedies – Veronika Decides to Die and Pretty Woman are top on her list.

Never much a fan of looking back, her personal motto is Socrates’ . ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’.


Lead Operations & NOC

Kacper is Vestiacom’s responsible for Operations and NOC. He has joined the team in 2010 and his main specialty is C/C++ code, a passion ignited the day he read a book – C++ Unleashed – and that has shaped his career path. Kacper is also a highly skilled Server Administration expert.

A doer who thinks in solutions, Kacper will never forget the day he had to do an on-site integration at a customer in Switzerland – which he totally mastered by the way – because it was an accumulation of first-times that made his motivation and self-confidence go through the roof.

He likes to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s movies and maybe soon he will be able to fly a helicopter, but The Trouble with Kacper is that he also programs in his free time and would love to develop a strategic game. His girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind, though.


QA Engineer

Kamil joined the Vestiacom Team in March 2015 as a Quality Assurance Engineer. This is his first work experience.

From the very beginning, Kamil has dedicated himself to his new job and sharpened his skills in order to become good at what his does – fast.

Hardworking and outgoing, he is a hands-on Tester who is not afraid to just do things.

An avid Star Wars fan, Kamil loves to collect objects related to the legendary franchise and to read Darth Bane, the trilogy relating to the Star Wars Expanded Universe.


QA Team Lead

QA Tester is Katarzyna’s first profession. She joined Vestiacom in September 2013 and from the very first day has relentlessly worked to master the skills required to do a great job.

A perfectionist with a sharp intuition and a talent for creative solutions, she will know what to look for if an issue arises and will not give up until it is resolved.

A traveller at heart, Katarzyna wants to discover the world but also loves to explore various universes where fantasy and great stories collide. It’s a question of nurturing her sense and sensibility …and sometimes conjuring Beetlejuice.


Lead Web & Android Developer

Katarzyna joined Vestiacom in 2013 after working for 5 years at various IT companies. A Web Developer specializing in PHP and Java, Katarzyna is Vestiacom’s Master of Android.

She is the proud developer of web browser games – namely Tauri -, has built numerous online shops and has played a major role in the development of the Low Power Gateway and the SRS solution for Swisscom.

Katarzyna is proud to never have thrown a computer out of a window, even though she has a thing for exploring unusual technologies such as Informix, Cassandra and Websphere, which she masters.

Katarzyna’s love for the outdoors has made her a sports fanatic but it has also put two words on her to-do list: Powered Paragliding.

“You’re an analytical mind in a romantic soul…” someone once told her. She thinks it’s totally true.


Javascript Developer

Konrad has been part of the Vestiacom Team since March 2015 as a JavaScript Developer.

Having understood the importance of the User Experience, he often spends much time trying to make something as enjoyable to use as simple to understand, no matter how complex the technology behind it is.

Ingenious, calm and conscientious, he also is a hard worker who takes pride in a job well done.

When he’s not riding his motorcycle, he immensely enjoys the cinematographic adventures of Neo, Vincent Vega, Jackie Brown, The Bride and Mr White.


QA Engineer

Krysztof has been part of Vestiacom since June 2015 as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

A fast learner with a sharp eye, he could quickly master his craft.

Relentless and stubborn? Krysztof will not dispute those attributes that probably have contributed to him fast becoming an esteemed and trusted member of the testing Team.

A true automotive enthusiast, he has not only been a member of the Ford Escort Fan Club, he has also been the one responsible for the club’s IT infrastructure and web presence. No wonder that Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson’s books are among his favourite activities.


iOS Developer

Maciej has been part of Vestiacom since July 2014. With an undisputed talent for creating fantastic user-friendly applications, he strives to make front-end interfaces no less than “eye candy” (his own words). The creator of a top-selling App, Maciej’s hard-working and perseverant nature always pushes him to be at his best. While some might perceive him as unconventional – eccentric even – most will first sense and see his positivity and undeniable cleverness.

An avid traveler who does not shy away from a good laugh – The Hangover is one of his favourite movies– Maciej also abandons himself to Harlan Coben’s chillingly masterful intrigues. But in his dreams, he sometimes can be John Bonham.


Lead Mobile and Web Developer

Maria became part of the Vestiacom Team in 2010 after completing several internships as a business analyst and a billing specialist. She is an expert in building web interfaces as well as Android and iOS Apps. Maria has been a main contributor to the Home Automation product development and is the person behind several Apps.

A fast learner with a truly open mind, Maria’s positive attitude and ever-readiness to help is something you just notice.

Maria loves to travel and a journey with the Trans-Siberian Train is definitely something she will do – maybe as soon as her son Michal is old enough to travel. What she also likes to do is bake tarts and eat them while reading Terry Pratchett’s books or watching French movies. Sheldon would definitely approve.


QA Engineer

Monika joined the Vestiacom Team in 2015 as a Quality Assurance Engineer. A Software Testing Specialist with extensive experience in her field, she is patient, calm and meticulous.

Monika’s adores animals – a fact that can probably be confirmed by her pet – a dwarf rabbit with whom she loves to play and listen to Chillout music…when she’s not watching action-packed thrillers, that is.

One of Monika’s dreams is to be fluent in Spanish. And to master ballroom dancing. With her determination, there is no doubt that this will soon be true.


Senior Java Developer

Pawel joined Vestiacom in 2010 as a Java and Spring Specialist and has worked on numerous projects for the telecom industry. He is the main developer behind the HomeMonitor surveillance product and has made the myStrom Home Automation system more performing and scalable in order for it to always be in-line with changing customer needs.

A curious mind who works with precision, Pawel’s numerous achievements have infused him with a very reassuring self-confidence stemming from experience and developments that really work. “Very friendly”, “positive person”, “extremely reliable” are the things people say when asked about Pawel.

When he’s not watching great action movies – The Hunt for Red October is his favorite- or reading all about Quidditch, Pawel likes to talk long walks with his dog, one of life’s many simple pleasures.


Javascript Developer

Pawel joined the Vestiacom Team in March 2015.

An experienced Javascript Developer, he is not only a creator but also a dedicated and patient problem solver.

Pawel has developed several highly appreciated customer solutions and is constantly refining his skills to create excellent customer experiences.

A helpful and trusted colleague, he is appreciated by the whole team.

When he is not spending quality time with his family, reading Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher Saga or watching action movies – Armageddon is an all-time favourite – Pawel is a hardcore gamer with a serious sense of humour.

His motto? “When all else fails, read the instructions”.


Windows Phone Developer

Rafal has joined Vestiacom as an Applications Developer in June 2014. He’s a bona fide Microsoft.NET framework specialist who has a preference for the Universal Windows App concept.

Ingenuous, curious but also inquisitive to the point of becoming annoying at times, Rafal really needs to get answers in order to be satisfied.

The creator of a face recognition algorithm that actually works, Rafal is also a hobby astronomer and when he’s not stargazing, he dreams (or is it a plan soon to become reality?) of having a top-notch telescope that he would control with a self-created app. His interests are so diverse and his mind so open to anything that Rafal is never averse to reading or watching something new, no matter what it is. But his real love is music and whenever he can he would plug in and drift away.


Project Manager

Remek became part of Vestiacom in June 2014. A highly experienced manager, he has worked for 20 years on projects that have impacted the lives of millions of mobile users worldwide.

Extremely organized and reliable, Remek has always won the admiration and respect of his customers and his colleagues thanks to his sharp intelligence but also his genuine humbleness. Doted with a real talent to combine technology and business sense, Remek seems to have quite the touch for reducing complexity and thinking in smart solutions. His reading and movie choices clearly indicate that he is sensitive to works transpiring a certain “savage poetry” and magical realism, Murakami’s 1Q84 and PT Anderson’s unforgettably powerful Magnolia being part of his favorite.

When he’s not at work, you might very well find him transmitting his love for music to his children. He definitely loves rock ‘n roll.


QA Engineer

Sebastian has joined the Vestiacom Team in 2015 as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

A Troubleshooting expert, he has a talent for pinpointing why something is not working. Sebastian is as detail-oriented as he is conscientious and his biggest motivation is a job well done.

Sebastian’s off-duty activities range from playing guitar to watching movies and series – preferably those involving fabulous mechanics and intricate fantasy worlds. He also loves the bittersweet poetry of Oscar Wilde’s works.

“Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.” Is one of his favourite quotes.


Lead Embedded Developer

Szymon joined Vestiacom in 2012 and is responsible for Hardware Development.

Having worked for over 4 years, Szymon is a creative mind with a talent to envision and build devices and develop the software that makes them perfect. He has already developed a highly innovative burglar-fire-panic system, as well as a cutting-edge Home Automation solution. Szymon is also behind the creation of the groundbreaking Low Power Gateway for Swisscom and the Swiss Government.

A specialist in C programming for embedded systems based on micro-controllers - which also are a personal hobby -, Szymon is also an expert in electronic design.

When he is not building something or feeding his interests in quantum physics and medicine, Szymon is a stargazer – Star Trek, Star Wars… to name a few – but also actual stars through the lens of a telescope.


Team Leader

Tomasz joined Vestiacom as the Lublin Office Team Leader in May 2014.

An experienced manager with over 10 years’ experience in creating User Experiences, Mobile Applications and motivating people to give their best, Tomasz has worked for several big companies and touched the lives of thousands of users by creating, developing and supporting state of the art B2B applications. A genuinely empathetic person – he’s what you can call a “people’s person”. Tomasz is a lover of wild nature and photography and his outdoor escapades are often where where he can let his passion for philosophy run wild – or is it thirst for never stopping to learn- given the fact that his motto is “ AlI know is that I know nothing…” borrowed from Socrates?

When he’s not reading passages from Bulgakov’s intensely thought-provoking “The Master and Margarita”, Tomasz might be caught watching Rick Deckard’s peregrinations in 2019 Los Angeles.